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February 13, 2013                                                                                         TSX-V  DOS

Positive gold in tills and float on Dios 14 Karats

Montreal, QC, Canada – DIOS EXPLORATION regional 2012 & 2011 till sampling programs (54 & 69 glacial sand samples) yielded over 1 gram per ton gold in till:  1010 parts per billion gold (ppb Au), 836 ppb Au, 642 ppb Au, Au, 583 ppb Au, 454 ppb Au, 356 ppb Au, 160 ppb Au, 151 ppb Au, 131 ppb Au, 120 ppb Au, , 115 ppb Au, 113 ppb Au, 109 ppb Au (in heavy mineral concentrates) on its 14 KARATS project.  In the vicinities of arsenic in lake sediment anomalies of 11, 17 and 18 parts per million, a metric silicified meta-sedimentary boulder with disseminated sulfides (2-5% arsenopyrite-pyrite-pyrrhotite) returned 2.6 g/t gold, 0.7 g/t silver, over 1% arsenic and 0.3% tungsten. The same area hosts abundant mineralized (1-10% PY-ASPY-PO) Opatica metasedimentary boulders, with several angular floats up to 6 m by 6 m  by 3 m large, suggesting a local source. The geological context suggests Eleonore-type mineralization.

DIOS’ 14 KARATS project consists of 525 claims for 273 sq. km near the Leran-Patamisk Lake area, some 35-55 km east of the Renard diamond deposit, and 50-75 km NE of the Eastmain gold mine and the 33 Carats Gold Porphyry tonalite discovered  by  DIOS (now and recently  road accessible).

DIOS 2011-12 geological programs also outlined a 40 km long under-explored strike of a pluri-kilometric sequence of metasediments (conglomerate, biotite grauwacke & silicate iron-formation), metabasalts, dacites, ultramafics and gabbro-diorite sills within a Greenschist-grade metamorphic domain (Opatica) adjacent to the LaGuiche migmatitic orthogneiss and paragneisses. Disseminated sulfides (1-15% arsenopyrite-pyrite-pyrrhotite) mineralization was observed within the silicified metasediments and metavolcanics. Federal magnetic data shows interesting weak magnetic lineaments with some flexure/folding pattern following the Opinaca and Opatica Sub-Province contact. In 2006-2007, DIOS re-assayed its 33 Carats diamond tills for gold.  Gold in till anomalies of 1660 ppb Au, 123 ppb Au, 534 ppb Au and 2330 ppb Au (in heavy mineral concentrates) do occur a few km down-ice from the 14 KARATS interpreted greenstone-belt. Up-ice from those gold in till anomalies from DIOS, good arsenic in lake sediment anomalies (from 9 ppm A to 32 ppm As) are present.