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February 29, 2012


MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA–  Management of DIOS EXPLORATION is pleased to update Shadow-LeCaron gold-diamond project results, in the Emerging Opinaca-Eastmain 1 Gold Camp, 350 km northeast of Matagami, James Bay, QC.

New independent reprocessing of DIOS 2009 tight 100 m spaced airborne geophysical data as well as Quebec government 2010 public data uncovers some 20 priority geophysical targets for diamondiferous kimberlite within a 10 by 15 kilometer area. These targets are located in the vicinities of LeCaron Lake, up-ice of DIOS 2009-2010 favourable kimberlite indicator minerals (and Fall 2011 microprobe results) such as G9 pyrope, eclogitic garnet, omphacite (eclogitic clinopyroxene), kosmochlor (chrome diospside), and forsterite. Eclogitic signature of indicator minerals strongly suggests high diamondiferous potential for kimberlites they come from.  The area hosts numerous favourable NNW, N-S and NNE magnetic features, and some  E-W striking in its eastern part. Several regional diabase-gabbro dykes are very well outlined by geophysics. Last fall, some 40 additional heavy mineral samples were collected on the Shadow-LeCaron project and are still being for kimberlite indicator minerals.

Compilation of 2010-2011 rock sampling for gold outlined a 10 sq. kilometre anomalous gold  (over 0.1 g/t Au in rocks) area within a mafic volcanic sequence west of  DIOS Conductor gold showing (up to 37 g/t Au), near a major NW structure. This area is also located up-ice of anomalous gold in tills (265, 285, 666, 925, 1035, 1160 ppb Au in heavy mineral concentrates). A new 921 ppb Au anomaly was located by the 2011 till sampling, which results end the dispersal train, suggesting a local source in this area some 12 kilometers north of the Clearwater 1.67 million ounce gold deposit.  

Elsewhere, results from the latest 2011 fall till sampling within the SHADOW project better defined a 4-5 x 2.5 km gold in till anomaly including 1120 ppb, 938 ppb Au and 3510 ppb Au in heavy mineral concentrates. This glacial gold dispersal train points out towards a volcano-sedimentary contact (as its up-ice extent sampling was negative). 

Follow-up work on all three priority target-areas is planned for the coming 2012 summer, including systematic rock, glacial float and soil sampling.

The Shadow-LeCaron project is composed of 1083 map-staked mining cells (cdc) covering 574 square kilometers wholly owned by DIOS.  Independant geophysicist C. St-Hilaire reprocessed detailed 2009 data and 2010 government data.  Heavy mineral samples were collected and processed by IOS Services Geoscientifiques for kimberlite indicator minerals and gold.  This press release was prepared par Harold Desbiens, M.Sc.Geo, Vice-President of DIOS and 43-101 QP.

ppb Au : parts per billion gold; 1,000 ppb = 1 g/t Au

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