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MONTREAL, QUEBEC-- - DIOS EXPLORATION INC. was very active this summer in gold-diamond exploration and just completed its field program of geological mapping-prospecting & till-esker sampling with results pending on many projects.

On 33 CARATS, a one week prospecting program was completed over a tonalite (granodiorite) plug and adjacent volcanics, 5-10 km northwest of the Eastmain gold deposit. Numerous samples of mineralized (1-2% pyrite) sicilified tonalite floats and outcrops were collected up-ice of auriferous anomalies (2090, 1165, 583 and 519 ppb gold in heavy minerals concentrates) in tills and are being assayed. A potassic radiometric anomaly was also prospected and sulfidic (2-5% pyrite) felsic volcanics were discovered and sampled. Regional reconnaissance sampling was also carried out in the area by Dios (60 rock and 100 till samples).

The AU3-EAST property was divided in two, the western Shadow project and the eastern LECARON project, hosting a high grade gold showing and many glacial till gold trains and indicator minerals some tens of km south of the worldclass Eleonore gold deposit.

On SHADOW, a one week mapping-prospecting was completed over a foliated volcanic sequence wrapping a felsic pluton that shows pressure-shadow structures on DIOS’ proprietary magnetic data. The volcanics host abundant centimetric to metric quartz-carbonate-chlorite veins with 5-20% pyrite-pyrrhotite-chalcopyrite located up-ice of gold till anomalies (3510 & 863 ppb gold in heavy mineral concentrates). Assays (100) are pending. More till (40) samples are to be collected next week.

On adjacent LeCARON project, a one-week prospecting program was carried out on a series of extensive sulphidic (5-20% sulphides injected by quartz veins) new gossans and their extents that were coincidental with former INCO conductors within the same volcanic complex that hosts the Clearwater gold deposit. Assays (100) are also pending.

On AU33 optioned to Osisko more to the south-west, near EM-1, a one-month mapping-prospecting program was completed this summer and 700 samples were collected and sent for analysis. Results are still pending.

On Hotish, a 3-week program including prospecting, trenching and channel sampling was undertaken in June. This press release was prepared by H. Desbiens, 43-101 QP.