AU33 (Gold)
Clarkie (Gold)
K2 (Gold)
33 Carats (Diamond - Gold)


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Wholly-owned no royalties in Eeyou Istchee James Bay.

Dios acquires new Clarkie gold project in Opinaca area

New gold CLARKIE property with strong gold potential north of Eastmain Clearwater gold deposit and southeast of Eleonore Goldcorp gold mine and Cheechoo recent gold discovery in metasediments.   A significant gold-bearing glacial train indicates an up-ice source area hosting folded Clarkie sediments, interpreted as equivalent (same age sediments) to those hosting Eleonore gold mine.

Other favourable features such as diorite intrusions, porous sediments, fold closures and northwest structures are good physical traps for gold noted on newly map-staked claims (70 square km) close to strategic regional Opinaca-LaGrande contact. 

DIOS outlined this gold-in-till train (16 x 4 km) including 14 samples over 100 ppb gold and five samples over 600 ppb gold (heavy mineral concentrates). 

Recent DIOS’ Heberto Gold discovery came from searching the source of such a gold glacial sand dispersal train.  The goldbearing Bohier tonalite along highway 167 was also discovered searching the source of yet another gold train delineated by Dios’ proprietary work data.


Le Caron Till 2013


High points of the LECARON project for gold:

Presence of 3 known gold showings within the Natel mafic volcanics:
  CONDUCTOR: 2.9 to 37.3 g/t Au in grab samples & track-sampling assayed:
track A   1.3 g/t Au / 2.5 m including 3.44 g/t Au / 1.0 m;
track B   2.1 g/t Au/4.5 m incl. 2.1 g/t Au / 1.5 m &  8.1 g/t Au, 22.6 g/t Ag, 0.31% Pb,      0.32% Zn/1.0m;
track C  4.9 g/t Au, 14 g/t Ag, 0.28% Pb, 0.15% Zn/ 1.0m;
track D  9.64 g/t Au/0.7m,
  FALLARA: 9.9 g/t Au; 7.7 g/t Au; 0.17 g/t Au and 2.5% As and
  LeCaron (1972 INCO drill intersections of up to 0.64% Cu, 0.48% Ni over 4.3 m (incl. 0.74% Ni, 0.17 g/t Pt, 0.14 g/t Pd over 1.5 m) and 2005 INCO drilling yielded 0.265% Ni, 1.275% Cu, 0.425 g/t Au, 0.048 g/t Pt over 0.6 m; 0.167% Ni, 0.129% Cu, 1.385 g/t Au over 0.3 m; 0.289% Ni, 0.593% Cu, 0.589 g/t Au, 0.550 g/t Pt over 0.48 m)

Presence of a regional NW structure (fault) up-ice of gold in till dispersal train.
Presence of 1-2 km by 6-7 km gold glacial dispersal train (12 samples) located down-ice of the Conductor and Fallara showings. Heavy mineral concentrates from this dispersal train yielded 11 samples (44%) over 0.1 g/t Au including 0.103, 0.132, 0.176, 0.182, 0.208, 0.236, 0.285, 0.666, 0.925, 1.035, 1.160 g/t Au.
Short glacial transport is known in this area.
Numerous IP conductors with some associated with gold mineralization located adjacent to the NW structure.


Le Caron Induced Polarisation (1)